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  1. Wake up in the backcountry.
  2. 5 Epic Backpacking Trips in the Grand Canyon
  3. Hiking tips Grand Canyon: how to avoid the crowds and where to hike
  4. Top 5 Backpacking Trips in Grand Canyon

Wake up in the backcountry.

Our backpacking tours delve deep into the hidden wonders found below the rim and offer opportunities for the exquisite solitude and discovery. Our basecamp hiking tours are perfect for the summer months when temperatures in the bottom of Grand Canyon reach the triple digits. Our Phantom Ranch hiking tour offers a chance to hike and stay at the bottom of Grand Canyon at the only developed tourist accommodations below the rim. Enjoy fully-guided, expert-led hiking tours or sightseeing along the South Rim.

What To Expect On Your Grand Canyon Hike

We take the work out of your Grand Canyon vacation planning. Our local experts will help you discover all the best viewpoints, trails and hidden secrets of this world-renowned destination. All day hikes include lunch, trail snacks, day packs, trekking poles, and a professional, knowledgeable guide. Backpacking Tours. List of Backpacking Trips. Basecamp Hiking Tours. Enjoy the opportunity to hike and explore a wide variety of trails, viewpoints, and local secrets by day and return to the comfort of a well-appointed camp on the rim each afternoon.

List of Basecamp Hiking Tours. Lodge-Based Hiking Tours. For ultimate comfort, consider one of our lodge-based Grand Canyon hiking tours! List of Lodge-Based Hiking Tours. Day Hikes. List of Day Hikes. Let porters or pack mules carry the gear so you can maximize your enjoyment while hiking, enjoy more elaborate meals and avoid those sore joints! Trips include porters or mules to carry the gear, all camping gear, meals, and a professional Grand Canyon hiking guide. Our Grand Canyon camping tours are adventurous, outdoor trips that take you deep into the Grand Canyon on challenging day hikes and return you to the rim each afternoon for shade, showers and exceptional meals around a campfire!

These trips are excellent summer options because of the cooler temperatures on the rims. Trips include local transportation, camping gear, meals, park entrance fees, and a professional Grand Canyon hiking guide. Hike the Grand Canyon in style! Join us for a Phantom Ranch hiking tour to the bottom of the Grand Canyon or one of our inn-based tours that include wonderful day hikes by day and rim-top accommodations, showers, shade, and dining each evening!

Weather permitting, we'll also enjoy an outdoor sunset dinner at a remote spot on the rim.

5 Epic Backpacking Trips in the Grand Canyon

Trips include local transportation, lodging, meals, park entrance fees and a professional Grand Canyon guide. The Grand Canyon is a world-class hiking destination, and hiking below the rim to get a fuller experience of what the Canyon is all about is the best way to make the most of your visit. So, should you hike on your own or go with a guide company like Wildland Trekking? Guides are not required, so it's definitely a choice.

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Guides help you maximize your experience by providing a higher level of safety, knowing when to hike for optimal temperatures, gauging how far to go based on guests' abilities, providing gear, providing lunch and snacks, and helping make the Canyon come to life through stories and intepretation. Once you meet your guide you will make your way to the trailhead and, after a short orientation, begin hiking. Your guide will provide you with backpacks, trekking poles, and - in the winter - crampons. Throughout your hike you will learn about the geology of the Canyon, the Native American and pioneer history, the natural forces of erosion that formed and shaped the Grand Canyon, and more!

We provide snacks while you hike and a tasty picnic lunch at a beautiful viewpoint.

Hiking tips Grand Canyon: how to avoid the crowds and where to hike

Eventually we'll make our way back to the South Rim and the end of an amazing day. Each hiking trail in the Grand Canyon provides something unique.

The South Kaibab Trail is our most popular hike, and for good reason. It is a stunning hike down an exposed ridge with phenomenal views in all directions. The Bright Angel Trail is the Park's most popular trail, and a great choice for summer hikes when it's going to be hot, and for ambitious guests who want to try to make it to Plateau Point for an amazing view of the Colorado River. Grandview and Tanner Trails offer more off-the-beaten-path hikes on more rugged trails; they're great for guests looking for more of a challenge and solitude.

South Kaibab Trail : this trail is the 1 hike to do if you're only going to do one hike at the Grand Canyon.

Top 5 Backpacking Trips in Grand Canyon

It was blasted out of sheer cliffs and a razor-edged ridge by the National Park Service in the 's. It offers absolutely stunning degree views, sheer drop-offs but a nice wide, well-maintainted trail , amazing geological interpretation by our guides, a bathroom at the half-way point, and an amazing lunch spot overlooking the Colorado River and Phantom Ranch.

Read more about the South Kaibab Trail! Grand Canyon Discovery Tour : On this tour we hike the South Kaibab Trail but provide pick up in Sedona or Flagstaff and provide a full day tour that features viewpoints, a hour hike, and a loop tour that goes out the East Entrance with a stop at the amazing Watchtower. This is a fantastic choice for people who want to have a comprehensive, all-day tour of the Canyon with transportation provided!

Read more about the Grand Canyon Discovery Tour! Bright Angel Trail : Bright Angel Trail is the friendliest trail in the Grand Canyon, but also offers one of the best day hikes in the Canyon for fit, ambitious visitors. For families or folks interested in having an experience of hiking below the rim but not an extreme experience, we can turn around at 1.

For people who want to push it and enjoy arguably the best view in the Canyon, we can hike to Plateau Point, which is 12 miles round trip. Read more about the Bright Angel Trail! Cathedrail is a bit easier, Mitten Ridge a bit more difficult. Read more about the Grand Canyon and Sedona Combo! Grandview Trail : Grandview Trail offers the opportunity to challenge yourself on a more remote trail.

It is not recommended for families with younger children under 12 or during the winter, as one section is very narrow with an extreme drop-off. We can hike all the way to Horseshoe Mesa for mining history and relics, including a 19th century rock cabin. This hike is fantastic if you want to have the Canyon more to yourself and want a full-day, more remote adventure. Read more about the Grandivew Trail! Tanner Trail : Tanner Trail is the most rugged hike we offer in the Canyon.

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  5. It is remote, quiet and stunningly beautiful. If you'd like to experience the wilder side of the Canyon for a day, this tour is for you. Read more about the Tanner Trail!