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For reference, standard EN Heating boilers.

Atmospheric Gas Burners

A matter of great importance in pellet burners are the processes related to the formation of solid waste. The presence of unburned particles reduces fuel efficiency and thermal performance. The particulate emission has as a big inconvenience in the pollution action in fact, the legal limits must be met and the fouling which generally adversely affects all the features of the facility and increases the needs for maintenance and cleaning.

In this way it is possible to eliminate the ash build up inside the boiler as well as in the combustion grid. These ashes are carried to a closed tank where they accumulate until emptying.

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However, during normal operation of the burner, a small drag of pellets is observed into the boiler. They are half-burned pellets that lighten its weight due to the gasification of volatiles and partial combustion which are easier to transport. In some cases they hit the back wall of the boiler and then sticks in the bottom of the chamber.

Industrial Combustion for the World - PDF

In the cleaning of installation it shows that the grid contains a small amount of various waste. This is related to its state at the time of the switch off of the operation but this does not represent a stationary accumulation. The greatest amount of unburned carbon and ash is located in the chamber of the boiler which represents the main ammount of solid wastes. In the fumes tubes, we cannot appreciate a large amount of wastes while it can be seen a second accumulation in the output gas collector although with less volume than that detected in the chamber.

Significant differences between the type of material found in each of these areas is observed. In the grid it is common the presence of deposits of sintered pellets but we have generally not appreciated an excessive amount of waste. A phenomenon that can occur if the burner is not adjusted properly is the creation of solid blocks that can become large.

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  • This process is associated with excessive heating of the ashes f. On the contrary, the wastes deposited in the boiler furnace are a mixture of ash in gray and unburned blacks. They are deposited in the form of longitudinal side. We can appreciate in the figure the curious layered structure that acquires. The presence of unburned pellets is predominated in the background, in the closest part to the boiler.

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    When deposited half-burned pellets, the boiler tends to cool and extinguish them before they are completely consumed. As the layer of wastes grows in turn it acts also as thermal insulation and hinders heat transfer from the new pellets that are deposited.

    Combustion Science and Technology

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    John Zink Hamworthy Combustion Handbook

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    Enhanced Production. Reduced Emissions.

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