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Not Specified. Publication Name see all. Computer Games. W Magazine.

Issue Type see all. Special Issue. Subject see all. Nefaria angrily attacks the police station and is about to kill Snapdragon, but Moon Knight intervenes again. In the ensuing battle, Moon Knight is beaten, and Nefaria orders him to return the Ultron head, and work for him. Moon Knight tells Nefaria that the head is outside, but the tables were turned as Moon Knight had called the Avengers, and Nefaria was defeated. The next day, Tony Stark commends Marc Spector for a job well done and tells that Ultron is waiting and planning a robot holocaust.

After Stark leaves, it seems that Spector developed an Iron Man personality as well. In the epilogue to the series, Spector leaves Hollywood. During the events of Avengers vs. Spector has returned to New York and now utilizes two costumed personas. The second persona is Mr. Knight , dressed in an all-white business suit, gloves, and mask, who consults with the New York Police Department and deals with common thugs and crimes such as kidnapping.

The staff, led by Dr. Emmit , seems to have supernatural powers and thwart Marc's attempts to recover his past. After re-appropriating Khonshu, Marc Spector resumed his normal life and his Moon Knight alias despite breaking up with Marlene Alrune. Meanwhile, Raoul Bushman collaborates with a mysterious mental patient only referred to as "Patient 86", who becomes an avatar of Ra and calling himself the Sun King.

Together they come up with a plot to kill Moon Knight.


Moon Knight is given psychedelic drugs and eventually is forced to face off with Sun King. Khonshu suggest to Moon Knight that maybe Sun King only believes he is the avatar of Ra and if Marc Spector is truly the avatar of Khonshu he should be able to manifest powers. Moon Knight is able to overpower Sun King and Bushman escapes.

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Charlie Huston , writer of the re-launch of Moon Knight , attempted to answer the criticism that Moon Knight is an ersatz Batman in an interview with Comixfan. Huston accepted that the two characters had their similarities, but went on to contrast the two by noting in particular differences in origin, motives, and personality. Huston further notes that Bruce Wayne, Batman's alter ego, takes on other personalities merely to aid in his fight. However, Moon Knight has three alter egos which aid him as much in dealing with personal demons as fighting law-breakers, and which have taken a further psychological toll of causing dissociative identity disorder.

In the question of his sanity, Spider-Man remarked "Mooney. Rhymes with loony". Over the course of his life as a boxer, U. Marine , mercenary, and costumed superhero, Marc Spector has become an expert at hand-to-hand combat techniques and martial arts such as boxing , [] kung fu , eskrima , judo , [] karate , ninjutsu , savate , [] and Muay Thai. He is an Olympic-level athlete and a skilled acrobat and gymnast and excels as a combat strategist. He is skilled with most weapons and an expert with throwing weapons.

Spector is a superb driver and can pilot a helicopter. Taskmaster , who has the ability to copy and replicate anyone's fighting style, has stated that he prefers not to copy Moon Knight's style, as Moon Knight would rather take a punch than block it. Spector gained his superhuman powers as a result of a visitation by the Egyptian moon god Khonshu. Moon Knight's strength, endurance, and reflexes are enhanced depending upon the phases of the moon. It's not known how much of this strength is mystical and how much is simply the result of self-hypnosis due to his psychological instability.

At some unspecified point in time Moon Knight is thought to have lost these powers he is last seen using his lunar superstrength while in the West Coast Avengers, a team he leaves in [] , with his loss of powers officially confirmed in during the Midnight Sun arc of Moon Knight, with Khonshu claiming that this loss of power is punishment for his disobedience. Due to his multiple personalities, he is also resistant to some psychic attacks and sometimes receives prophetic visions. Moon Knight is shown to possess a very high tolerance for pain such as ignoring a bullet wound through his leg while only letting off a slight grunt of pain.

During the Charlie Huston run of Moon Knight, The Profile , an amoral profiler-for-hire with the possibly mutant power to instinctively analyse and predict the actions of anyone he observes, claims that his abilities do not function correctly on "supernaturals" and that Marc is physically painful for him to look at while wearing the "vestments" that make up his costume. He offers the explanation that either Khonshu is real and his presence interferes with the Profile's abilities or Marc is so crazy that it is tantamount to magic and his sheer belief in Khonshu is enough to disrupt the Profile.

At one point, Moon Knight is given special weapons by the cult of Khonshu, including bolas , golden throwing crescent-darts shaped like scarabs , an ivory boomerang, throwing irons, and a golden stick in the shape of an ankh that glowed in the presence of danger that can be used as a throwing weapon or bludgeon.

Table of contents for issues of IEEE Security & Privacy

These items are later replaced with duplicate weapons crafted by Hawkeye. He has also used an axe-shaped lasso-grapple. During the third series, Moon Knight's silver-white costume includes adamantium , and he acquires an array of high-tech weaponry including an adamantium staff, a truncheon capable of firing a cable line, and gauntlets that fire crescent darts.

He has also been depicted using spiked knuckles, worn on the left hand. When he vows never to murder again, he hires Tinkerer to upgrade his gear. He uses a gun that shoots a grappling hook and bolas to knock out villains. Later on, Moon Knight's costume uses carbonadium as armor, and has joint-locking functions, allowing him to support weights far greater than what he can normally lift. For transportation, Moon Knight employs a variety of sophisticated aircraft.

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Later, Moon Knight utilizes a remote controlled white limousine when acting as "Mr. While Moon Knight fights villains of other heroes such as Bullseye and Taskmaster , he has also accumulated his own rogues gallery.

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Moon Knight's enemies include:. The one-shot Manifest Destiny March introduced a female Marvel version of Moon Knight, fighting crime in the lunar city of Attilan.

iPhones remotely compromised: iOS security is more broken than you think

A little more of his backstory is uncovered as well, still following Khonshu and still suffering from multiple personalities. He then murders the majority of the Multiverse's alternate versions of Moon Knight. In Marvel Zombies , Moon Knight is one of the superheroes infected by the zombie plague. Previously he had been part of the resistance organized by Nick Fury , but presumably turned into one of the zombies in a later battle. He is later killed by Deadpool, who appears on the Marvel Zombies Earth and cuts his head off. In his fight against Electro, Moon Knight was electrocuted into a state of unconsciousness.

This version is similar in appearance to the Khonshu statue that Marc Spector worshiped in the past. He can be seen holding a staff that has a crescent moon at the top. It is also noted that he has a form of dissociative identity disorder. Within the comic, the "personalities" of Steven Grant, Marc Spector, Moon Knight, an unnamed red-headed little girl, and Ronin interact through internal monologue.

He lives with his girlfriend Marlene.